جرثقیل سقفی ( انتقال جریان برق از شینه ها به قسمت متحرک جرثقیل )

ذغال براش جرثقیل سقفی

( Over Head Cranes Current Collectors ) که به صورت طرحهای مختلف ارائه میگردد .

- تخت ( با اتصالات سیم و ترمینال و یا بدون آن )

-  سه گوش ( مثلثی )



Carbon inserts have obtained high reputation on account of their excellent characteristics . Our qualities have been adopted to the individual demands , especially with regard to abrasion of the carbon and extreme careful treatment of the busbar line , which is covered with protective film of high graphite contents , resulting in an essential decrease of friction and wear
 . Arcs and radio interference suppression are thus avoide 
 Carbon current collectors cannot be used, if the busbar line is made of light metal material . Our carbon inserts are supplied impregnated with a water – repellent liquid as to avoid harmful influences caused by humidity . Chemical reactions which show bad influences become free by precipitation , by pollution or salty ambient conditions . The pressure is varying in vast limits of 3 to 10 kgs. Corresponding to the individual application , i.e. cranes,mine traction motors, trolleybusses , subways and transport equipment .